Healthy after-school snacks for active kids and teens

When you're a family on the go, it's easy to reach for quick solutions to after school snacks...bag of chips, anyone? 

But if you want to give your kids something that will help fuel them for longer (and keep them from snacking non-stop until dinner time!) you need to offer them something that fills them up and gives them energy to burn for those gymnastics, dance and cheer classes - or whatever you've got on their roster.

One of our go to afternoon tea treats is the bliss ball.  These can pack in quite a bit of sugar but of the non-processed variety; and with an activity filled afternoon it will be just what they need to keep energy levels high.

There are so many recipes available online, so you can pick whichever flavour will work for your kids.  But if they like peanut butter, they'll LOVE this one from fitness queen Kayla Itsines.

Another easy option is some kind of veggie sticks (carrot, cucumber, capsicum) with a healthy dip like hommous, tzatziki or guacamole.  This will help give just enough energy before that dance or gym class, without feeling too heavy.  

Cut up the veggie sticks at the start of the week and store them in the fridge, ready to grab with some store-bought dip.

For a super-food snack on the go, a smoothie is a fast, healthy option.  Use greek yoghurt for protein and either frozen berries or frozen banana for thick, creamy taste.  If your kids will tolerate it, a handful of baby spinach or kale is a great way to get some extra veggies in.

Top up with water, milk or nut milk, blend and go - the perfect treat for active kids!

Main image courtesy of Kristine's Kitchen

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