How to care for your activewear

You've purchased some new activewear for your daughter and you're both in let's find out the best way to care for your new crops, tights and bike shorts to make sure they last the distance. 

  • One of the easiest (and most environmentally friendly) ways you can extend the lifespan of your activewear is to simply not wash it unless it really needs it - unless you've really worked up a sweat or it has food stains on it (hey, life happens!) you don't really need to wash it if it's only been worn for an hour or two.  A good way to keep your activewear fresh is to hang it over a chair or similar rather than putting it in a crowded drawer.  However, for when you do need to wash your activewear, read on...
  • Always wash your activewear on cold; this will preserve the shape and stretch of your leggings, bike shorts and crops
  • Choose a gentle, bleach free washing detergent that's gentle on your activewear - this will further help preserve stretch and make colours last longer.
  • Where possible, dry on the clothesline or hanger - this will give more life to your activewear and help avoid tears and snags.
  • Remember how we said earlier not to wash your activewear unless it really needs it? Well, when it really needs it try to get it into the wash pronto - if it gets left in the washing basket for too long, sweat and bacteria can work to damage the fabric
  • Don't add fabric softener! Aside from the fabric that our premium sustainable fabrics are soft enough already, fabric softener can degrade the sweat wicking properties of your activewear. 
  • If you have one, use a mesh laundry bag as an added layer of protection.  Our preferred option is one like the Guppyfriend bag which stops microplastics from entering our rivers and oceans (this is a concern for all synthetic fabrics, including sustainable options made from recycled plastics)

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your Sunny Active wear for many years to come!

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