Gift ideas for tween girls

Stuck for gift ideas for your tween girl? 


Let us help you out with some ideas shared by those who know - tweens Grace & Rose from Sisterhood Store!


Grace & Rose founded Sisterhood Store with their mum to bring together a selection of products that tweens actually want, and they've shared with us what's on their wish list right now:


Shopping for tweens can be hard. We get it!


We no longer want barbie dolls or lego... But what do we want?  


Well, if you have a tween girl in your life here are some great gift ideas that they are sure to love!


Bath + Body Products


We might not have problematic skin (yet!), but aesthetic bath and body products are all the rage! 


Products that smell fruity and delicious, packaged in pretty bottles that make bath and shower time fun is high on the priority list for a lot of girls.  


Many kids our age love to use skin care too, just make sure its made for young delicate, sensitive skin. 


Some popular brands to consider are Petite Skin Co, IKO Collective, All Kinds, Yes Studio (which we stock in our shop) and Sundae.


tween girl bath fizzer


Polaroid Cameras


Vintage and old school, Polaroid cameras are SO much fun. 


We love taking silly photos with our friends and then putting the images up in a collage on our pinboards. 


We love that the images are instantly printed and there are so many different films and accessories you can get.


Claw Clips


Move over scrunchies, there’s a new kid in town…the claw clip! 


It’s the new must have hair accessory and everyone is wearing them. 


We love claw clips because it makes doing your own hair so easy and always looks stylish and on trend without even really trying! 


You can get so many different shapes, colours and sizes now - and you can never have too many!




It might not be a parent favourite, but most tweens still LOVE slime. 


There are so many awesome textures and scented slimes out now, which means there’s always a new one to try.


From glossy slime to cloud slime, DIY kits and slime bubbles - slime really is the perfect gift to keep hands busy and a fun sensory experience for little and big kids! (we always catch our mum playing with our slime!)


Wall Collage Kits


We love decorating our bedrooms and one of the coolest products that we have just started stocking is wall collage kits. 


A wall collage kit is a set of images, printed on high quality card stock, that you can stick on your walls to give it a fresh new look. 


There are heaps of different styles you can buy to suit your taste.  It’s a really affordable and fun way to dress up your bedroom walls. 


We love using them for vision or mood boards too!  


aesthetic wall collage kit


LED lights


Another bedroom accessory that can really transform your room is LED or galaxy lights. 


LEDS are usually strip lights that can be stuck on your walls and controlled by a remote. 


There are so many cool colour combos and you can even sync them with your music. 


Galaxy lights project galaxy like images onto your walls or ceiling, which makes you feel like you’re sleeping under the stars.


Also controlled by a remote, you can change the ambience of your room depending on your mood. Genius!


Still stuck for ideas?


We've made it easy for you with our birthday bundles!  Our selection of bundles at every price point make it easy to make your tween or their friends happy when it comes to gift giving.



Looking for more ideas?  Check out our GIFT GUIDE FOR TWEEN GIRLS

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