Is it activewear...or swimwear?

Did you know...not only is the fabric we use for our girls activewear a sustainable option made from recycled water bottles, but is also suitable to be worn as swimwear?

There are many reasons why young girls, tweens and teens might feel more comfortable in our high waisted bike shorts or full length leggings while swimming. 

These range from preferring a more modest option due to religious or cultural beliefs; for better sun protection; coverage of scars or birthmarks if they prefer not to show these; or simply a great option for playing sport in, then hopping into the surf or pool to cool down afterwards.

Our quality fabric is anti-see through so you can rest assured your girls won't be in for any "surprises" if they choose to wear our short or long tights into the water.

Like all gym and swim wear, we recommend rinsing with cold water immediately after use, and to dry out of direct sunlight to best maintain the fabric and colours of each garment.

If you'd like to try our activewear, please be sure to visit WeThrift for a discount coupon for first time orders.

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