A more sustainable solution for kids activewear

When you receive your order from Sunny Active, it might be hard to believe that in a previous life this cute kids activewear was actually a water bottle!

This amazing, more sustainable, fabric not only helps reduce waste which would otherwise sit in landfill for hundreds of years or be burned (adding to air pollution); it also helps reduce carbon emissions when compared to creating new fabrics from raw materials.

tween girls activewear set in green gingham

Wondering how it's made?  First of all the plastic bottles are collected, compressed, packed into bales and shipped to the processing factory. Then, the plastic bottles are chipped and melted into white round balls.

These balls are again crushed and spun through shower like nozzle that results in a yarn. These yarns are used to weave fabrics and finally end up into a crop top, bike shorts or sports tights.

The process consumes 30% less energy than garments which are made from conventionally manufactured polyester.

How does it feel?  It feels amazing.  You won't be able to tell the difference between traditional activewear fabrics, except that the fabric we use feels extremely high quality, luxe and buttery soft.






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