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One girls hit the tween and teen years, skin care concerns often arise.  Krissy Green from IKO (an AMAZING skincare brand for kids & teens) has provided us with a great guide for you and your girls to follow from tweenhood & beyond.

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The best time to introduce a healthy skin care routine is in the mid tweens. If your child’s cheeks are still baby clear just focus on the T-zone - the area of the face that spans the forehead and down the bridge of the nose, ending at the chin. However, once an adolescent’s cheeks start to get hormonal that’s the sign, they are ready to step things up.

We all know about the struggles that come with adolescent skin. Their pesky hormones go into overdrive which causes the oil glands in the skin to over-produce a type of oil called sebum. Sebum clogs their pores and leads to pimples and breakouts which can have an extremely negative effect on their self-esteem.

The biggest mistake tweens and teens can make is trying to combat this excess oil by stripping their skin to remove it. The key to healthy adolescent skin is balance. Balance is the absolute foundation that underpins a healthy skincare routine for adolescents.

Let’s look at the big picture. Treat skin from the inside out. We can’t stress enough the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The skin’s health is directly dependent on their body’s overall health. Exercise, a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, getting 8-10 hours of quality sleep every night, laughter, meditation/mindfulness, and healthy relationships are all key.


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Now for the outside. Yes, a good adolescent skin care routine will keep the skin clear, reduce oil without drying out the skin, and will nourish and protect their skin. It will also protect their skin from further damage in the later years.

There’s no denying that healthy, clear, radiant skin is the ultimate confidence boost for tweens and teens.

Cleansing is key and is non-negotiable.

It’s so important for teens to wash their face every morning and every evening before bedtime. Tweens need only cleanse their face in the evenings, again keep an eye on their cheeks for the tell-tale signs of hormonal changes.

Cleansing is necessary for removing excess oils from the surface, along with dirt, sunscreen, any makeup, and other pore-clogging irritants that can cause breakouts. Always use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. If their skin feels tight or dry after they wash it’s too strong. Keeping their skin balanced is key.

The golden rules for cleansing:

  1. Cleanse morning and night. Always.
  2. Pat dry skin and never rub post-cleansing.
  3. Use a clean towel to dry.
  4. Use a natural, gentle face wash and make sure it is sulphate-free, paraben free and has no artificial colours.

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The might of a good face oil.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking face oil is bad for oily skin. A good face oil helps regulate sebum production and can transform even the most blemish-prone complexions. They should also contain high concentrations of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids which are loaded with potent anti-inflammatory properties which help treat and prevent breakouts or acne. It won’t clog pores either, but it will work to break down pore-clogging debris.

A good face oil should be sufficient for tweens skin. They need only incorporate a moisturiser into their routine from about 12-13 years of age. The trick is to choose a lighter oil with a base oil like argan, camellia, or jojoba because these oils have a similar molecular structure to our skin’s naturally produced sebum. Integrating a good face oil into their skin care routine is a wonderful way to boost their skin’s condition.

Moisturising will reduce skin problems and helps oily skin to self-regulate. Once a teenager please moisturise. Always! Apply a light, natural moisturiser after cleansing to help balance the skin. This will keep skin hydrated and soft, it helps maintain elasticity and the skin’s bounce.  Again, look for a natural moisturiser, lightweight is best, and there should be no added parabens.

If teenagers want the added nourishment of a face oil, they should first apply their moisturiser and then pat on their face oil. The face oil will absorb into their skin and reinforce the moisture barrier and further work to protect and nourish their skin.

Healthy, clear, radiant skin will do wonders for tweens and teens confidence and will add so much more joie de vivre to their journey of self-discovery during these years. The goal is to combine a healthy lifestyle with a simple skincare routine, and this will make all the difference.

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We think it’s important for adolescents to be informed, and to be aware of what products are out there and what works best for them. Knowledge is empowering. We suggest talking about any skincare concerns or questions they have with their friends, family, and trusted professionals. The more they know what’s right for them, the more comfortable they’ll be in their own skin.

If you'd like to know more about IKO, visit their website HERE.

iko tween and teen skincare australia

*If you have severe acne, or acne cysts or nodules (deep blemishes that leave scars) please consult a dermatologist. Dermatologists offer a range of treatments that will help to clear your skin and prevent acne scars.  

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